Boon Island Light, 6 miles off the cost of York, Maine has been sold to a Portland man, Art Girard for $78,000.  Disappointed that your bid was not the winning one? The government has other lighthouses for sale.

There are currently 4 lighthouses up for auction from the U.S. government.  Two are in New England and two on the Great Lakes. Halfway Rock Station in Harpswell has 6 bids. The highest bid is at $247,000 with only hours left in the bidding. The GSA claims, "The granite tapered tower is 76 feet tall and has an iron dome-shaped roof for the lantern room. The tower originally contained the keeper's quarters and storage facilities."  The historic Minot's Ledge Light off of Scituate, Massachusetts is up for grab.  The minimum bid of $10,000 has been met. The GSA says, "This lighthouse is ideal for avid divers exploring the local ship wrecks, fishing enthusiasts and anyone committed to preserving the maritime history of the Minot’s Ledge Light."

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