At the age of ten, all I wanted was an LL Bean bag. Everyone at school had one and I remember loving the red handled bags because red was my school color. Christmas morning I awoke to my dream come true. There it was, under the tree complete with that red handle and adorned with a big bow. I remember feeling so cool walking through the school with my books neatly packed in my new Beans bag!

It's been a long time since I was ten and now a new LL Bean trend is out there. It appears even Actor Will Farrell (pictured above) has jumped on the Beans bandwagon. It's Bean Boots. Those trusted rubber soled shoes from Maine with laces and leather on top are all the rage. Not just with stars in Hollywood but even teens. Next time you're at the mall, take a look at the floor and people's feet. Black leggings with tall thick socks and Bean Boots. Tight jeans with thick tall socks over them and Bean Boots.

LL Bean boots like this run anywhere from $99-$199. So, if you are looking for a great "trendy" gift that will be fixed or replaced if they ever go bad, stop on by LL bean. And hey, they're open 24-7!!