Some of the strangest headlines of our time could be found in tabloids like World Weekly news, and now we can even thank them for spawning a musical!


Based on a June 23, 1992  Weekly World News story, (which was basically The Onion before there was the onion) Bat Boy The Musical is about a half-boy, half-bat dubbed "Bat-Boy".  Written by by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming with music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefethis contemporary rock musical can be seen locally thanks to Cast Aside Productions. 


Cast Aside Productions is a Maine based Professional Musical Theater that prides themselves on providing quality artistic events in Portland, Maine, so it's no surprise they decided to take on this hilarious show.



This morning we welcomed cast members Caleb LacyTommy WaltzKyle Aarons and Artistic Director David Surkin to the HOM studio to give away some tickets to the show. Having seen the show last night I can tell you that, while I do love a good musical, even those who do not will love this show.




The show boasts an impressive cast of 10 actors playing a total of 22 characters, and all of them deliver incredible performances. Especially wonderful is Bat Boy himself, played by Schuyler White, who sings like an angel and endears his character to the audience very quickly.



Shelly is played by the talented Liz Kerchenbaum, Jana Berry Auspland plays Meredith Parker to perfection and  Dave Heath is a very convincing veterinarian as Dr. Thomas Parker.



With an incredible cast, a hysterical script and amazing music, there is never a dull moment in this rock musical!  SO, if you love to laugh I highly recommend you hurry and get your tickets now because the show closes this Saturday July 25th!