Walking through downtown Portland early this morning, I spotted several arrows written in chalk on the sidewalk. I of course was curious, and followed them to find out where they led. 

I spotted the arrows on Spring Street and after following a few of them, I was led to this sprawled in chalk on a corner.


Clever advertising? You would think so, since you might be able to herd some people strolling through the Old Port into your fine establishment who might not have thought of it as a destination for the night. But will this start a new trend in Portland of writing ads on the sidewalks of the city?

How do you feel about ads written in chalk on sidewalks? Are you cool with it since it will just wash away eventually, or do you think our sidewalks would look nicer without ads like these?

Let's hope it's gone later today before someone show's up at Boru's expecting to sing tonight.