The owner of the Clay Dragon Tattoo Studio in Seabrook is offering free Donald Trump tattoos because that is what politics has become.

Ever loved a presidential candidate so much that you wanted to tattoo their name on your body forever? If the answer to that questions was a "yes," then you should find Bob Holmes and tell him you got a thing for Donald Trump.

Bob Holmes is your average tattoo artist who loves Trump so much that he is willing to tattoo him on voter's bodies for free. NH1 talked to this guy about how he really wants to draw Trump's name, portrait or campaign slogan on a willing victim.

Nobody has taken him up on the offer yet, but he said that he does have one appointment scheduled. Watch his full interview to get an idea of this man's true love for ol' Trump.

I've seen businesses pull these kind stunts all the time because making the news is cheaper than buying ads. I have no doubt this guy really likes Trump, but he also knows that mixing politics into his business will attract all sorts of press attention. Smart move because now he has free advertising (including this website. You are welcome Bob.)

I went through his social media profiles because that is what I like to do with everyone who has their 15 seconds of fame. On top of loving Donald Trump, this tattoo artist loves him some cigars, dogs, S&M and bondage (according to his Instagram.)

To his credit, there are a couple good tattoos posted on his Instagram, like this New Hampshire tat. I cannot wait to see the first Donald Trump tattoo he posts (I hope above all hope that it is a portrait.)