The new HOM Morning Show of Mike n' Anna have started a new feature called #PayItForward Fridays. Each week on our show we'll do a little something to Pay it Forward in hopes of inspiring you to do the same. We'll also have you call into to our show to share how you've paid it forward or been the recipient of a pay it forward gesture. 

With last week being Easter weekend, we called the great staff at Mionet's Flowers in Portland and ordered some flowers to be handed out to the next customers that walked into the store. We also had some great stories from YOU on the air.

This week, we reported on a devastating tornado in Illinois, and in the wake of that disaster, we committed to making a donation to the Red Cross for the next 10 callers with a pay it forward story. You shared some great stories, including a community effort to build a deck for a disabled veteran in the neighborhood, a random pay it forward toll booth charge and more. For those calls, and the rest, we (Mike and Anna) made a donation to the Red Cross. Morning Show donatest to Red Cross on #PayItForward Friday

Please tell us how you've Paid it Forward or share a story about how you've been the recipient. Let's challenge each other to do a little something good for someone else on a regular basis with the intent of spreading some good vibes! #PayItForward Friday will continue this week on the new HOM Morning Show with Mike n' Anna. Please join us!