Last night I  had the distinct honor of performing at Maine State Music Theater as part of their largest fundraiser, The Footlight Follies!


To say I was nervous is an understatement, but I also was incredibly excited to sing on the same stage that so many talented and amazing professional theater professionals have graced!


Having just seen their production of Young Frankenstein (which if you haven't seen it yet, get your tickets) I was already intimidated when one of the main character's was occupying the dressing room I wandered into. Charis Leos is a fantastic actress and plays an incredible Frau Blucher in  Frankenstein, and also happens to be a truly lovely person.


All in all I'd say that my performance went well, but the highlight was probably when a bat literally flew across the stage. At the time I was of course immersed in performing the song, but I did notice something fly by and for a split second thought it was a bird. Just as quickly I dismissed it as a trick of the light, as there were so many blinding me.


After I got off stage my friend and daughter both confirmed that a bat did indeed fly across the stage during my song creating a stir. I don't mind sharing the stage though, and honestly I'm just glad the bat didn't decide to dive bomb me mid song!


Bats aside if you have time this week I highly recommend you check out MSMT's show Young Frankenstein while there are still tickets. You wont be disappointed!