By now you've probably heard all about the 48 Hour Film Project, but if not, it is affectionately referred to as the "Filmmakers Superbowl".

The competition is a national one where filmmakers from around the world compete for bragging rights, and a chance to screen a the Cannes Film Festival.

How it works:

  • Friday at 7:30pm filmmakers gather and pull a genre out of hat. At that time they are given 4 required elements that MUST be included in every film.
  • Friday night everyone writes their short film (between 4 and 8 mins in length)
  • Saturday most everyone shoots their film
  • Saturday night into Sunday the film is edited, scored, sound mixed and color corrected.
  • Sunday the film is turned in no later than 7:30pm to qualify for the competition. 


Last year my team drew Spoof/Parody as our genre, and we had the good fortune of actually winning first place! I was able to travel to Los Angeles to "Filmapalooza" where 167 shorts from around the world were screened at the Chinese Theater, and it was an incredible experience.

Anna in L.A. representing her Winning 48HFP Film


This year I was invited by Charlotte Warren to participate in her all female 48 team called The SheHive, and I sincerely had the best time on this team. Every single member of this team knew her job and did it so well. It ran like a machine and what's more, everyone was cheerful and happy to be there working on this great project.

A few of the members of The SheHive


While it is an extremely exhausting process, it is also one of the most rewarding things I've been a part of. I wanted to give you a small idea of the process so I recorded short 1 minute vlogs, and you can check them out on our YouTube Channel.



Up next, the films will screen publicly and the audience will get to vote for their favorite! The screenings of all 28 films will be this Thursday, August 6th at the Nickelodeon Theater in Portland. They been broken into two groups, Group A screens at 6:30pm and Group B (the group my team is in) screens at 9pm.

Regardless of winning or losing I think the most incredible thing about the 48 is the feeling of community that surrounds the local film scene during this time.

I look forward to screening our submission this Thursday, and in the meantime, here's the film my team last year entered and won with!