What would you do if one day you opened your Facebook and you got a message from someone who looked exactly like you. It's your long lost twin! Here's the story and some amazing twin facts that will blow your ever loving mind. 

Most of us grew up knowing a set of twins. Whether they lived in your neighborhood or you went to school with them. Fraternal or identical, it was always interesting to me. Maybe because my parent's OBGYN told them they were having twins and could hear two heartbeats for the first three months. Maybe I ate my twin or maybe they are still inside me and i'm some creepy Stephen King novel waiting to happen.

My brother ended up having triplets and I know first hand about their unique bond and the interesting language they invented and seemed to understand.

It blows my mind hearing stories of separated twins, and the eerily similar lives they have led. Take the story of the Lewis brothers separated at four weeks old. Both had a dog named Toy, married twice their first wives named Linda and their second wives named Betty. Both drank the same beer and smoked the same cigarettes.

Take this amazing story of separated twins finding one another on Facebook...


And who hasn't seen the adorable video of the twins who seems to speak their own goo goo ga ga language?


*Massachusetts has the most twin births in the US

*40% of twins invent their own language. My brother called the triplet's language "Weedish" our last name is Weed and we are Swedish. Clever!

*Mother's of twins tend to live longer

*Tall women are more likely to have twin births

*Twins actively interact with one another in the womb



Scarlett Johanson-brother

Keifer Sutherland-sister

Ashton Kutcher-bother

Gisele Bundchen-sister

John Heder-brother (Identical...yes there is another Napoleon Dynamite out there!

Alanis Morissette-brother

Vin Diesel-brother