My favorite quote from the article: "Portland is the new Portland"

The website recently put together the "definitive and final ranking of all 50 states." And while it's not exactly clear what their criteria was, were very happy to see the states of Northern New England do quite well.

Vermont came in at #17, with "the finest of craft beers, cheddar cheeses, and sugary tree sap to pour over your French toast sticks."

New Hampshire placed at a respectable #24. "Quite possibly the most overlooked of the New England states, NH has beautiful lakes, mediocre outlet stores, and a clever political primary system."

But here's the greatest part of this list - Coming in at #2, the great state of Maine!

"Maine is so hot right now. Both literally, because it’s the summer, and in a more metaphorical sense, because Portland has become the new Portland, and food journalism is entering its hipster/nostalgia phase, in which it has become recently very cool to rediscover old places that have been doing the same damn thing forever. And outside of Portland, that is Maine. Mainers don’t give a damn about your trend forecasts, they’re just going to keep naming their children “Wade,” selling L.L.Bean backpacks to middle schoolers, using the term “down East” to mean South, and hilariously calling ham subs with American cheese “Italians.”

And we haven't even scratched the surface on its borderline monopoly on the high-end lobster supply, its delicious blueberries, or the fact that it has literally thousands of islands you don't even know about where dudes named Wade are probably eating lobsters and drinking Moxie as we speak."