The ending of last night's Jeopardy game was an odd occurrence and it didn't appear that host Alex Trebek had any sympathy whatsoever. 

Alex Trebek has been hosting Jeopardy for 32 years now and every now and then you can sense his disappointment in a set of contestants. Last night's Jeopardy episode included a pair of odd occurrences. One, there were TWO returning champions but not from the same show. Claudia (the middle contestant in the video above) was the "returning" champion from several weeks ago due to her taking what was only described as a "lucrative" job. Mike (far left) was the returning champion from the week before.

The game itself was a terrific one that led to both Claudia and Mike being tied with $13,800 heading into Final Jeopardy. However, every contestant stumbled on a difficult question while simultaneously betting all the money they had accrued. That left all three contestants with zeroes on the board and it left Alex Trebek will a range of emotions. Look closely as Trebek is initially disappointed that nobody got the answer correct. Then watch as Trebek realizes there will be no returning champion for tomorrow night's show. The players were laughing their way through the awkwardness, Trebek was not. His response,

"So, sorry folks".

Classic, stone cold Trebek.