For years Alex Trebek was a mustache wearing man. Ever since I watched Alex Trebek way back in the 70's when he hosted game shows before Jeopardy! like Pitfall, High Rollers, and Double Dare (not the one with the slime), he always had the mustache. In 2001 he decided to shave it off and it was the biggest change in a game show host's look since Bob Barker decided to stop dyeing his hair in 1987.

Jeopardy! starts its 31st season this Monday at 7:30 locally on WMTW 8 and the stache is back!

Game show news website Buzzerblog reports that Alex has grown the mustache back and has the picture of what Alex looks like today with it. Here's a video of what he looked like in the 80's with his mustache.

I think all is right in the world now, but what do you think? Do you prefer the mustached Trebek or his upper lip as smooth as a baby's bottom? Ewwww. Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtage #trebekstache