We had a blast cutting our TV promos today...check out some pics!

Our TV partners at WMTW invited us to their station in Westbrook to record some promos that will begin airing on the station in a couple weeks. We had a blast!

It was exciting for me...I think it's fascinating to see with my own eyes the studio that I see on TV every day!

AJ Dukette

And I have to say, TV people have it so much harder than us radio people. We only have to worry about how we sound...they have to worry about how they sound AND look! And with HD...there's no hiding how you look.

AJ Dukette

So I did my best to make sure my hair was in place, I had nothing in my teeth, and to remember to suck in my gut. Oh, and to remember my lines. I think we did ok...we'll see when we get the finish product!

A big thanks to Matt and Niki at WMTW for all of their help!!