This past week I attended my first ever Portland Seadogs game at Hadlock Field here in Portland. While I have mad respect for athletes of all sports, i'm not really what you would call a "sports fan".

I only attended because Ellie was going to be singing the National Anthem with kids from her school.  Because it was also rainy and freezing that night, I honestly planned to leave as soon as Ellie was done singing.

Ellie, being the persuasive and intelligent 8 year old that she is, did manage to convince me to stay long enough for her to have some ballpark food. So we got the obligatory popcorn, nachos and fried dough (go big or go home!) and thanks to the rain, we sat down just a few rows behind home plate.

Then it happened... as I sat there taking multiple photos with Ellie, I discovered that a live baseball game?... is actually really FUN! In between each change over they brought little kids onto the field to play cute games for fun prizes and even the baseball game was pretty interesting.

Ellie was a little pro who chastised me for editing my photos because,

"Umm... Mommy?.... There's a game going on?"

And even though we did ultimately leave around 8:30 because Ellie had school the next morning, we had a wonderful time. So wonderful, I just might go again. Although next time, I'm pulling for warm temps and sun. ;-)