Looks like I'm going to need to find a way to get more restful sleep.

I was really excited to get a fitbit this past weekend. I've wanted one for a while...not just to track my steps and heart rate, but also to track my sleep.

You wear it to bed, and it gives you a report on how well you slept...or in my case, how terribly you slept.

Sunday nights are usually the hardest for me anyway, because on the weekends, I tend to sleep much later than I do during the week. Which makes it tough to get to sleep at a reasonable time.

Last night, I got a total of 6 hours and 25 minutes of sleep. Not good! What's even more alarming is the number of times I was "restless" - 19 total. I haven't really looked into whether or not this is average, but it's certainly way more than I expected.

Looks like I'll need to try some different methods to get a better night of sleep. Any suggestions?