It's a picture that will make any parent's stomach drop. A casket made for a child. But this casket is bringing comfort to a grieving family, all because of the compassion of a stranger. 

Trey Ganem heard about a house fire where a family lost all but one child and their home. That is when he sprung into action to create personalized coffins for each child at his expense. This incredibly beautiful gesture has given the family comfort in an otherwise inconsolable situation. Each casket is custom made to the personality of each child including Frozen and even Call Of Duty. Even writing this, my heart hurts. But when I think about the love of this stranger, it somehow does give peace.

My friend lost her young son and I remember her saying all she could think was that he was cold in a coffin. This in some way brings a little peace to think they are surrounded by things they loved in their short lifetime.

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