Today was a landmark moment in WHOM's history as Sandra Harris hung up her headphones for good. There are nary a few New Englanders who are unfamiliar with Sandra's warm, friendly voice and personality. She has gracefully filled the HOM airwaves for more than 30 years, in every time slot. An accomplishment only she can claim! Today's show was filled with love, laughs and great memories. 

If you tuned in this morning, you got a snapshot of the past 30 years on 94.9 WHOM with Sandra Harris. This farewell show started with a call-in from WHOM's former long-time Program Director and DJ Tim Moore, followed by long time HOM personality GV Rapp. And it had only just begun. As the show unfolded, listeners who have shared their lives with Sandra for the past 30 years called in to share their well wishes. We even had a listener who proposed to his wife on Sandra's popular "Love Songs at Night" program show up at the studio to wish her well! In an unprecedented move, on-air DJ's from sister radio stations WJBQ, WBLM, and WCYY came in the studio and on the air to share how even THEY had been influenced by Sandra. It was truly radio gold. Here are just a few photos from the morning, followed by a video recap of the final break.

There is a Facebook post filled with awesome stories and wishes for Sandra. Click the post below to read them and add your own!


Here is a video from the final talk-break of the day when all of the office staff filled the studio.

Sandra may be retired from radio (let's see how long she can stay away) but her mark is made on the northern New England airwaves, and all who hear them, for a very long time. There is no doubt she has helped to make HOM the amazingly successful and legendary station that it is!

Feel free to share a memory or well-wish for Sandra in the comments below or on our Facebook page.