8th Annual Stache Pag Portland/Facebook Event Photo

If you take pride in your moustache then the 8th Annual Stache Pag is for you!  This is going to be an action packed night of music, comedy, dance, and so much more. Let's not forget the many different styles of mustaches for you to check out and vote for your favorite. So much fun! It's all happening at The State Theater in Portland tonight. 

There are still a limited number of tickets available so don't wait, get yours now. At 9 pm, the real entertainment begins: moustachioed men in four categories – the Magnum PI, the 1899 Maine Legislature, the Thigh Tickler and the Castaway – take their turn on the catwalk. Be sure to cheer loudly for your favorite, as crowd applause decides the finalists in each category. In the finals, competitors will compete in the Gentlemen’s Obstacle Course, while judges (including Holly Nunan, Jamin Badger, Alann Newman and Rico Petrucelli) are faced with the difficult decision of crowning the winners for each category

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