Here's a list of 7 Things Morning People Do Differently. Please don't be afraid to add to it.

No question we're wired differently. Me anyway. We'll have to try this one out on Sandra. I just love mornings. It's softer. It's eaiser. It's better.

Here's a list I found on The Huffington Post: I use the thumbnails and added my reasoning-

As always please feel free to add to THE LIST:

1. Morning people are happier: YES. Agreed. Try going for a walk in the morning and watch everyone say Hi, great morning ey?. Then go at night and your lucky if you don't get mugged-

2. They get better grades: Can't attest to this one. I guess I wasn't a morning person back when I went to school. Wish I was.

3.They Don't hit snooze: YUP. Ding Ding Ding! I don't even have to set my alarm but I do because if I didn't you know what would happen. BTW 3:52am and it's 10 mins fast.

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4. They're more productive: I'm sure there's more and less productive people than I but I will say I def get more stuff done during the week than weekends. LESS PEOPLE IN THE WAY!

5. They're more conscientious: Don't know bout this one. More alert maybe. More ready definitely-

6.They're at lower risk of depression:  Before you start making appointments, I'm no Doctor. So I will copy and paste what the Huffington Post said on this one:

A handful of studies have linked the desire to stay up late with higher rates of depression.

But it's unclear if that's because of something inherent to being a night owl or because of society's imposed demands. "Morning people are the people who have set the rules for society -- when you get up, when things are organized, when things are closed down," says Brown. "The evening people have not had that choice as much," he says, and are often walking through life chronically sleep-deprived. That alone is enough to put physical and mental health at risk.

7. They may be nicer:


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This one is definitely debatable but I will say this, Being a morning person makes me feel good. So, do whatever blows your hair back Jack!