There is always one at every social gathering and it might as well be you.

1. You are the "Master of Dance"

All the jealous haters watch in awe as you grace the dance floor with killer moves that would be illegal (if they weren't so amazing.)

2. You are making the most noise

You are the most fun person at this party and everyone else needs to hear it for themselves.

3. You are winning every drinking game

Nobody can stand up to your Flip Cup or Beer Pong game because you are on fire.

4. Boyfriends/Girlfriends are looking jealous

Their significant others cannot help but be attracted to such a dynamic party force.

5. Nobody cares that you are making a mess

They know that it is all worth it to keep you in ultra party mode.

6. You can outdrink everyone at the party

Everyone else cannot even come close to handling as much alcohol as you can. This might be why you feel that the previous examples apply to you. You may think you are a sexy, talented, charismatic party machine, but in fact you might just be too drunk to notice that you are stumbling around and drooling yourself. Oh well, enjoy the rest of the party.