Maine's historic homes and buildings are nothing short of impressive. These Gothic and Victorian-style castles and mansions bring old world feel and magical charm to the Northeast. The castles range in size, style, and function, yet the properties all share impressive features fit for royalty.

Castle Tucker in Wiscasset

I spent my early school years in Wiscasset and I always thought it was so cool that there was a castle in my hometown. According to, Castle Tucker belonged to a prominent shipping family. "Built in 1807 and in need of updating at the time the Tuckers moved in, the house was redecorated and furnished to satisfy modern Victorian taste and sensibilities." More history on Castle Tucker and tour tickets are available at the Historic New England website.

Beckett's Castle in Cape Elizabeth

Beckett's Castle is located at 1 Singles Road in Cape Elizabeth. According to, "This summer residence of Sylvester B. Beckett was known as 'Beckett's Castle.' It was constructed in about 1850 and built in the Gothic style. The two people in the foreground [of the photograph] may be Augusta Beckett Verrill and Sylvester B. Beckett." Through some quick online research, I found that this castle is rumored to be haunted.

Norumbega Inn in Camden

National Register of Historic Places, 1974

The Norumbega Inn was built in 1886. After serving as a private residence for nearly 100 years, the stone castle was converted to a bed and breakfast in 1984. Some legal battles caused the property to change hands a few times, but now it's reopened for guests. Read more about the history of the Norumbega Inn at their website.

Foster Island Castle in Harrington Maps

It's hard to get a photo of this private castle on Foster Island just off Machiasport.  According to a Portland Monthly article published online in summer 2009, "The Rockefellers purchased Foster Island in the 1960s. In 1973, Mr. and Mrs. David Rockefeller placed a conservation easement on the property that’s currently held by the State of Maine." Not much is available on this castle, which makes it all the more intriguing.

Mann Castle in West Paris

Facebook via West Paris Library

This 'castle' in West Paris was built to be a library when the library outgrew it's previous space in 1926. According to the West Paris Public Library's website, "After the death of Lewis M. Mann, it was discovered that he had left a plot of land and $5000 for the construction and upkeep of a new library for the town. Edwin J. Mann, his son, doubled the sum and made sure that his father's dream was fulfilled. On September 4th, 1926, the new library was officially presented to the town and the West Paris Library Association." More history on the library is available here.

Oaklands Castle in Gardiner

National Register of Historic Places says Oaklands Castle was built in 1835-1837 for Robert Hallowell Gardiner and is constructed of granite. Richard Upjohn (1802-1878) was the architect. Take a look inside this incredible mansion. That detail isn't seen in new construction homes of today.

Historic American Buildings Survey/
Historic American Buildings Survey/

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