You see them every year at the mall sitting at their post, dutifully listening to child after child ask for this toy or that toy. Ever wonder what the kids asked for?

Well a quick trip over to the Mall Santa's of Reddit and the mystery is solved. Here are some of the funniest things kids have asked Mall Santa's for, and/or done. After reading some of these, I think these "helpers" deserve a really fat Christmas bonus in their stockings!


1.  "I asked what she wants for Christmas.  She said 'I wanna pee!'  The parents insisted that the kid choose something and I sit there awkwardly . . . she's crying, they're insisting, and then my lap gets warm."

2.  "She was probably like six . . . she was telling me adventures about fighting battles to save a prince stuck in a castle . . . her race with Usain Bolt and how he beat her by a hair . . . and how she outswam Michael Phelps to avoid being eaten by Jaws...

"Then she told me she wanted a big glass of milk."

3.  "Had an older kid (pre-teen?) come up to me who was totally over the Santa business; he was only there because his parents wanted the picture. When I asked him what he wanted, he flatly said "coal". Being a jovial spirit, I followed up with "bituminous or anthracite?" Absolutely threw him for a loop."

4.  "He wanted a Shamwow.  He was four years old."

5.  "A young boy, probably eight, said he wanted the panties of the cute girl next door.  I didn't really know how to respond."