As my daughter gets older I've noticed a disturbing trend in Halloween costumes.

When I was a kid (yes I really just said that)  costumes were about being creative. I still remember when my little sister went one year as a potted flower. We decorated a cardboard box to look like a pot, then she put on green tights and a green turtleneck (stem), a hat with petals (flower) and we used my dad's suspenders to hold the box up.

A quick google search shows that today's costumes for young girls are becoming more and more "sexy" for lack of a better word. I was honestly shocked by some of the things I saw being sold online.

Not only are these sending the message to young girls (and women) that to be attractive you need to dress provocatively, but they are also incredibly sexist. In particular, the "Doctor" costume is pretty disgusting. I'm fairly certain no doctor, male or female, would wear something like what is pictured below.



Now i'm sure some of you are thinking that maybe i'm just over reacting, but I found a few pictures for you to view and judge for yourself. For our part, Ellie will be Elastigirl from the Incredibles this Halloween, and it's my hope we can keep this kind of trash out of our home regardless of age.


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