It's a shame that some people live their whole lives in a community but never experience it like tourists do. I'm a big advocate of stepping out of your routine and challenging yourself, but sometimes with the priorities of work and life it's not always possible to bounce around your city like some sort of socialite soaking in all of the most recommended spots on Yelp. However, it is possible to take a working vacation. It's possible to take a temporary reprieve from whatever weight your daily schedule puts on you to live like someone else while still making it into work each day.

Here are four great excuses to take a working vacation in your own town. All you need is a vacation rental and a little courage to do something new and scary.

1. You Need Creative Inspiration

For the creative type, the same surroundings day after day can wear on your ability to create new exciting work, especially during the winter months when you're often shut indoors for days on end. A new space can push the reset button on your creativity. Maybe this contemporary loft with graffiti artwork, exposed brick, and original wide plank wood floors is exactly what you need.

2. You Want to Experience a New Place in the City Before You Move

Considering a move but you're not read to commit? Short term furnished vacation rentals are perfect for figuring out if the new neighborhood is right for you. Is it noisy at night? Are there plenty of amenities near by? More importantly, is the neighborhood safe? All of these questions can be answered with a short stay in your desired neighborhood. I've always dreamed of living right downtown Portland in the middle of it all. This airy studio loft in the Old Port would be my first visit before making the move permanently.

3. You Want to Celebrate a Personal Accomplishment

In the words of Tom Haverford, "Treat yo' self!" You've accomplished something awesome that deserves a special treat but you're also a hard worker and don't want to take time off from your job to do it. Renting a room or an apartment in a fun part of your town will put you closer to your favorite coffee shop (so you can treat yourself every morning) or into an apartment that is way more Pinterest-friendly than your place will ever be. This private bedroom/bathroom rental in the West End of Portland is straight out of an HGTV makeover show.

4. You Need to Gain Perspective By Stepping Out of Your Typical Routine

Are you struggling with something emotionally? Are you faced with a major decision and you just can't think straight at home with all of the typical distractions? Get out. Rent a place in the mountains or on the ocean. It's okay to pluck yourself out of a routine that's dragging you down. And it's not running away if you need a few more days to make a choice, especially a major one. Find yourself in a spacious oceanfront home, play your favorite music as loud as you want, and once again, treat yourself to exactly what you need.