A Tennessee man and his family were recently caught after raising 187 million for cancer and instead spending almost all of it. They spent it on college tuition, luxury cruises, cars and more. It's the worst charity scam in US history. How do you know your money is going to the place and people you want it to? Here are three ways you can know your money is going to the right place.

The Red Cross is having a huge fundraiser, you can trust it. Cans for a Cure is accepting donations to fight breast cancer, you can trust us. But what about someone who only accepts cash or some of these GoFundMe pages? Experts say to be weary. Do your research before giving. Ask these three important questions.

1. Check that the charity is licensed.

2. Find out where to money will go...specifically.

3. Give to well known groups like Red Cross.

It's also important to note, NEVER wire money or trust anyone who asked for cash only. Not exactly sure how anyone could do this and lay their head on the pillow for a good night's sleep but there are some real winners out there.