Who has the money for extravagant gifts this Valentine's Day? Click here for thoughtful inexpensive ideas that will make your love gush with adoration.


1...Take a mason jar, fill it with the candy Red Hots. Decorate the jar with Valentine stickers and tie a ribbon around the lid. Make a tag that says "You're Hot!" And leave it for them before they head to work.


2...Get Valentine Candy Corn, fill a mason jar and decorate it like the other one. This time your tag will read "It May Be Corny, but I Love You!"


3...Buy an Orange Crush soda, tie a red ribbon around it and label this sign "I Have A Crush On You!"


4...Grab a banana and a Sharpie and write on it "I'm bananas for you!"


5...Fill a mason jar with red gum balls adding only one white one. Decorate your jar and  add a tag that says "You're One in a Million!"


Okay, so some of these things are super cheesy but that's what Valentine's Day is all about! Wouldn't you still feel loved If someone did these things for you?!