Breakfast sandwiches are my favorite food. It all started with my Dad who always used to make a big Sunday breakfast when I was growing up. Somedays we had pancakes or French toast, but those paled in comparison to his breakfast sandwiches.

A plain bagel grilled on a skillet with butter, crispy bacon, a scrambled egg, and sharp cheddar cheese. He always cut the sandwich into quarters and served it with cranberry juice. That's where my love for breakfast sandwiches started.

It continued in college, when I learned the power of a breakfast sandwich to heal the headache that always came the morning after taking advantage of the 2-for-1 margarita deals.

I still have a breakfast sandwich at least once a week, and now I have set a new 2016 resolution to try a breakfast sandwich in every county. Of course, I needed to do some research on the topic first.

My criteria for choosing the best breakfast sandwich in each Maine county was simple...Kind of.

  1. Must have a breakfast sandwich either as a special or on the regular menu
  2. Must be within top 10 rated breakfast restaurants in that county on
  3. Must offer something other than just good food, i.e. Great atmosphere, famous location, or a local favorite

Prepare for serious food envy.

16 Best Places for Breakfast Sandwiches by Maine County

Read the reviews and see more photos at the business Yelp profiles, links provided below.