If you live in Maine there are a few phrases you've no doubt heard many times before

And what's more, your friends or family from out of state, probably think your expressions are weird.

Well here's a short compilation I put together of the few I'm familiar with and few I found here. How about you? What phrases have you heard or used, and what Maine phrases would you add to this list?

1. Maine roads are never “icy” or “slippery”…they’re “greasy.”
2. Mainers don’t take their boots off in the “foyer”…they use the “dooryard.
3. Mainers don’t say “I don’t know”…they say “hard tellin’ not knowin’.”
4. Mainers don’t put things “in the basement”…they go “down cellar.”
5. Mainers don’t say “that was good”…they say it was “wicked good.”
6. Mainers don’t get “sick”…they get “pekid.”
7. Mainers don’t “steal”…they “kife.”
8. Mainers don’t “hurry”…they “book it.”
9. Mainers don’t say “that’s cute”…they say “that’s cunnin’
10. Mainers don’t become “senior citizens”…they become old timers.”