Know what you could use? A list of ten things men shouldn't have to tell you but they do have to tell you.

Got this from MSN Living. I added a little Teddy and BOOM!

This is only the first ten. PLEASE don't be afraid to add to the list.


1. Bashing Fashion: We appreciate it when you give us fashion advice. Tell us what to wear, shop for us—we won't complain.

2. Driving School: When you say "Which street are you taking?" we know you really mean "Why are you going this way?" 

3. Hot Factor: We kinda like it when other guys check you out.

4. Hot Seat: Not for nothing, it wouldn't kill you to leave the seat up every once in a while.

5. Loser: When the Sox, Pats, Bs or Celts lose, we just need some space and a little time to grieve.

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6. Curve Ahead: We really, really do like a woman with some curves, rather than one who's rail thin.

7. Medium Rare: We don't have built in crystal balls. We can usually tell when something's wrong but if we don't catch it then TELL US!

8. Body Double: We actually do worry how we look with the lights on, too.

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9. Tee Off: Just because my favorite T-shirt has holes, it still has value. Please don't throw it away!

10. Home Improvement: We don't really need a man cave, but please consult before you turn the basement into a doll house.