One of the best things about Thanksgiving for me this year was watching the parade with Ellie. 

Of course, I didn't get up super early to watch it. We DVR'd it and enjoyed it commercial free. It's the modern age after all ;-)

In thinking about the parade I became curious about how it all started and came across a great article. The secret life of the Macy's Parade. Did you know the first parade was in 1924 featured circus animals and not balloons? And it wasn't a parade to celebrate Thanksgiving at all, but was a held to celebrate the store's expansion.

And in 1928 they came up with a terrible promotional idea. They released the huge balloons at the end of the parade and whoever found them won $100. Unfortunately it resulted in some injuries as people raced to get the balloons.

Whatever you family traditions I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!