Since AJ and I are broadcasting live from the beautiful "Kennebunks" this morning, we thought it would be fun to share some little know facts about this picturesque port town. 

Luckily Jackson, the owner of the Salt & Honey Restaurant, is a wealth of knowledge and had a few gems to share with us! For the rest of the facts I did what any self respecting millennial would do... I asked google and the googs sent me to Wikipedia... obviously.

  1. Taint bridge, is so nicknames because it,  "'taint Kennebunk and 'taint Kennebunkport"

  2. It is the only Kennebunk in the world

  3. The "Wedding Cake House" (see below) is the most photographed house in Maine

  4. The Bush's vacation house is here

  5. The secret service outpost where they park their giant SUVs is here at an undisclosed location... (literally yards from the Salt & Honey).

  6. Was featured in the 2003 movie "Empire Falls" based on the book by Maine author Richard Russo

  7. Travel Nature names it the #2 Christmas Destination 

  8. Between 5 and 10 thousand people attend the tree lighting with a tree nearly 5 stories tall.

  9. The tree lighting fireworks rival the 4th of July in Portland.

  10. At the Christmas Prelude Santa comes in on a lobster boat with lobster elves