Get ready for a heavy dose of nostalgia as we look back at businesses we wish were still open in the Granite State.

Nothing lasts forever and that is especially true in the world of business.

Stores open and close every year without fail, but some of them should have stuck around a little bit longer. They either had great products, reasonable prices or employees/owners that made for a great experience.

We shared a list of ten businesses we really miss in New Hampshire the other month, but that only scratched the surface. New Hampshirites on social media had plenty more candidates that they think belonged on the list of most-missed businesses.

Take a look at even more businesses that we wish were still around.

Green Ridge Turkey Farm - Nashua, NH

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New Hampshirites who have been around for a while surely remember this iconic business that sat on Daniel Webster Highway for over 60 years. The building itself has a ton of history, but most will remember the delicious turkeys they had and the great food offered in their restaurant. Green Ridge Turkey Farm went through a fire and a change in ownership, but was eventually turned into a Barnes & Noble in the 1990's. Forgotten New England has a detailed history of the life and death of this business.

Bailey's Bubble - Wolfeboro, NH


This tiny ice cream stand had a big impact with customers. Bailey's Bubble served soft ice cream and Richardson's homemade hard ice cream alongside their homemade fudge, butterscotch, and penuche sauces. Everyone had a favorite flavor and would wait in lines to get it, no matter how long they may be. Although it had been around for years, the business recently closed its doors (much to the despair of New Hampshire ice cream-lovers.)

Shakey's Pizza - Nashua, NH


There are a lot of pizza joints in New Hampshire, but this one has a piano player and a unique style all of its own. This chain restaurant was a family destination with reasonably-priced food and a lot of entertainment (including Laurel and Hardy movies!) Shakey's Pizza Parlor had a good run with its hand-tossed pizza and root beer, but disappeared from the area during the development of the Pheasant Lane Mall.

Fish Shanty - Dover, NH

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Fried seafood and other ocean goodies are a staple near the New Hampshire seacoast, but many locals had a special place in their hearts for the Fish Shanty. This Dover restaurant offered a nice selection of seafood, sandwiches and chowders for hungry customers. It has since been replaced with Café Espresso.

Zyla's - Merrimack, NH


This discount warehouse was in business for over 50 years before it closed its doors during the economic downturn of 2008. It started off running low-budget auction for decades before getting into the retail game. It was the first job for many teenagers in the Merrimack area where they delivered merchandise as "runners" during auctions. New Hampshire Business Review has more information on the store's story.

Stop & Shop


New Hampshire has a lot of great grocery stores, including our beloved Market Basket, but some shoppers out there miss one of the big players in the area: Stop & Shop. The six grocery stores in the state were not performing well against the competition and closed in late 2013. The New Hampshire locations were in Bedford, Hudson, Exeter, Milford, and Manchester.

Pattie Shack - Manchester, NH


The Pattie Shack was a little spot for visitors to Manchester to grab a quick bite. Customers could build their own personalized burger with "Pic Ur Burger" and they even delivered. There was a lot of praise for the burgers, but don't forget about their famous tater tots and waffle fries.

Janet's Donuts - Concord, NH


There is nothing better than a good fresh donut, especially when they are made from scratch. Janet's Donuts used to be located in a plain building on West Street in Concord, but the treats inside were far from plain. A quick look on food review websites shows that people are seeking out the recipes for her tasty donuts.

Caldor - Bedford, NH

Caldor was a discount department store that used to have over 100 stores nationwide, including a spot in Bedford, New Hampshire. It was founded in 1951 by Carl Bennett and his wife Dorothy. The stores were designed to look more like department stores than the regular discount store. Managers had more control over how the products were displayed compared to other stores at the time, which made for better strategy. Caldor was forced to closed due to bankruptcy in February 1999.

Joyce's Kitchen - Newmarket, NH


This little dining establishment in Newmarket had a great community of people around it before it closed in 2008. Joyce's Kitchen had been a gathering spot for locals since it opened in 1985 and served up a mean breakfast and lunch. The Seacoast Online has a great article on this little businesses' impact on the local community.

The Italian Moose - Lincoln, NH

This one got some love from people on social media, but not a lot of information can be found. I did find some background information on Visiting New England, but no word on when it closed or why. Regardless, The Italian Moose in Lincoln seemed to have a following at its location at the end of the Kancamagus Highway. Apparently they took the moose theme to heart with "cartoonish mooses" shown throughout the restaurant.


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